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A Poem by Amanda Holloway

The work at home hopefully already done

For the day at the show or event to be fun

Down the Centre line you go

Wholeheartedly believing the Test will flow

With The Scales of Training firmly in your head

Into all the four corners you make sure to tread.

Remembering every circle has four points 

And preparing every movement with well ridden half halts

Have you in your head a lovely trot song?

Mine often is “TheSun Has Got His Hat On”

Makes me smile and my horse too

And ‘G’ of the letters means GRIN; to my Judge too

For the plan is for our Partnership to win.

Hoping our marks will be all above seven

There isn’t a mark, yet, of eleven!

No matter really as we’ll settle for nines

For all our movements will be beautiful lines

Rhythmical, balanced and harmonious we are

Surely the best in our class by far.

Copyright Amanda Holloway

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